Grace Baptist Church of Millersville offers members and regular attenders the opportunity to request the use of its facilities for your upcoming activity. Please add any information that will help us process your request. You will be contacted by our administrator to confirm your reservation and discuss any applicable fees. If you have additional questions about renting the facility, please email us at

The following outlines the steps required for use of the facilities:

  1. The following Facility Usage Request From must be completed and approved by an elder before the facilities or grounds can be utilized.

  2. A fee of $50 is owed for use of the facilities. A check made out to Grace Baptist Church of Millersville should accompany the request. This fee is waived for members and regular attenders.

  3. A key deposit ($100) will be collected if a church key is issued, and will be refunded when the key has been returned to the office. No deposit is needed from members and regular attenders.


  1. The church staff is not responsible to move furniture, tables, chairs etc. before or after the event. It is your responsibility to return everything to its original location.

  2. All decorations must be removed from walls, pews, chairs, etc.

  3. There will be no alcoholic beverages allowed at Grace Baptist Church of Millersville or on its grounds.

  4. Remember to clean and straighten up any part of the facility used after your activity is over. These items should be checked before leaving:

    • Vacuum areas which may need it.

    • Make sure the restrooms are clean (sinks clean, toilets flushed, etc.).

    • All appliances are turned off.

    • All dishes must be cleaned, dried, and put away. Wet dish towels are to be taken home, washed, and returned as soon as possible.

    • All trash must be removed from the building.

  5. Turn off all electrical items (lights, fans, etc.).

  6. Lock and secure all doors.

Report any and all damage of the facilities within 24 hours to: or the church office at (717) 872-4581. Any damage incurred to the church facilities will require reimbursement. Grace Baptist Church of Millersville is not liable for any personal injury or loss.

If you agree to all the outlined responsibilities listed above then you can request access to our facility by clicking the button below.