Sound Room Job Description

If you are interested at serving at Grace but you are a major introvert then the sound room is the job for you! Currently, serving in the sound room has two main jobs filled by two different people each service. In order to serve in either position you will need be trained by someone who already knows how things work and have the opportunity to shadow them during a live service to see how they run things. The following is a brief description of each position.


Presentation Software Operator (camera & slides person)


Allow for smooth communication to the congregation by advancing the slides at a timely pace as well as adjusting the camera to the necessary position for those worshiping downstairs.


Their role involves operating the camera for the downstair stream using a remote that controls the movement of the camera. They also advance the slides in a software called Proclaim so that the correct information is displayed for announcements and songs. At the end of the service they will also upload the sermon to the internet.


Soundboard Engineer


Allow the congregation to worship and listen well by avoiding creating unnecessary distractions by either creating loud feedback or forgetting to unmute a microphone.


Running the soundboard is a little bit more in depth. At its basics its is just changing the volume of all the different inputs of sounds that are coming into the board so that everyone is able to hear well and not be distracted. In reality, that means that the soundboard monitor should come into the church early and practice with the worship team so that he will be able mix and level the board ahead of time to ensure that everything is both wired up correctly and sounds as best as it can. They are also able to control the equalizers of each input which can drastically change how something sounds. Another role of this person is to make sure that the sermon is recorded and to then make physical copies of it.


If you are interested in either of these roles or have any questions please contact:


Aaron Krause